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(Release date: September 18th 2013)                       TV7 - Les Orres
Located in the French Alpes near Embrun is a true hidden gem. The popular ski location Les Orres is described by the local people as the 'mini Alpe d'Huez'. And it really is.

Les Orres covers the climb to the ski location 'Les Orres Station'. A 14 km alpine road (just like Alpe d'Huez), but then smaller and easier. Les Orres is often used (just like Alpe d'Huez) for mountain time trials. The vertical ascent is almost 800m (200m less) and the slopes are less aggresive compared to its bigger brother (max 9%). All this simply means Les Orres is a beautiful and need-to-have climb for your video collection.

Be prepared for a good 50-minute workout with very trainer and knee-friendly grades. Filmed in awesome weather and in FullHD, I am sure you'll enjoy having this climb in your collection.

Ride data
Total distance: 14.0 km - Total height meters: 785 m - Video resolution: 1920*992 px

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