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What others say
Some feedback on my training videos:

"I purchased POsbank RLV from you recently, and I liked it so much I was inspired to try to make one of my own."
Bryce, USA on TV1 - Posbank

"I climbed the Madeleine in just over 15 minutes this evening. The images are beautiful!"
Arjan, Holland on TV2 - Madeleine

"Did the Posbank ride last night. Really enjoyed it. Can't wait for your other RLV's."
Norm, USA on TV1 - Posbank

"I rode the Monte Baldo movie last Friday and I must say it is absolutely beautiful. I have lots of rlv's (free & commercial ones). I'd rate this as one of the best movies available."
Stephan, Switzerland on TV3 - Monte Baldo

"Thank you very much for your video. I rode the full distance yesterday and the Stallensattel again today and enjoyed it very much. Installation is easy, picture quality is amazing (compared to original Tacx videos) and climbs are well chosen & very rewarding. Also, delivery by download is much better than mail. I'll buy another video soon."
Andreas, Germany on TV4 - Dolomiti

"I rode your Dolomiti ride today. I think you are right to be very proud of it. The video quality is as good or better than any I have bought from any of 4 sources. The correlation between the screen and the slope resistence changes are the best I have enjoyed. The general smoothness and synchronicity of the video is superb. The scenery is of course stunningly beautiful."
Herb, USA on TV4 - Dolomiti
Jaap Wagenvoort, 2010-2017