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Video quality & used equipment
Quality is very important to me. There are a lot of free Real Life Videos available on internet. Some are really good, others are not so good. For me the most important aspects are video quality and profile accuracy. Those two are crucial to really enjoy videos and feel like 'being there'. I strive for optimal quality. To ensure that I use the following equipment:
  • GoPro HD Hero camera
    The GoPro Hero HD camera is a brilliant camera. GoPro’s camera is a great HD camera offering professional quality in native 1080p video. The 'p' is crucial here for our Training Videos. Because we actually run the video in slow-motion (your speed of cycling determines the playback speed) the video is played frame by frame. 'Progressive' video ensures that every frame is captured completely and you won't see 'jagged' lines due to interlacing.The lens aperture is f/2.8 (= high performance in low-light situations) and offers 127º wide angle at 1080p. I mount the GoPro camera on the roof of my car.

  • Garmin Edge 705 cycling computer
    I use a Garmin Edge 705 for capturing accurate the GPS and altitude data. The Edge 705 is Garmin's top model GPS cycling computer. Garmin is a specialist in navigation products and this reflects in the quality of the GPS recording. The Edge 705 records extra-precise climb and descent data because it has a barometric altimeter to pinpoint changes in elevation. This results in very precise profiles and grade changes in the final videos.
The GoPro HD camera and the Garmin Edge 705 are the two crucial base components for all my videos.
Jaap Wagenvoort, 2010-2017