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4-1-2015: OUT NOW!
Breaking: TV9 and TV10 are out now. Two new RLV's with perfectly matched grade-to-video to provide you with the best possible experience while indoor training.

TV9 is all about exploring the Dutch 'Alpes': the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. A great ride for interval training with 4 short climbs and a great warm-up and cooling down on the typical Dutch dikes!

TV10 is another cookie: a full 56km lap around the man-made Lac de St. Croix in France. Great views, excellent training and very nice & rewarding to do a full lap.

Check it out now!

More on:
My name is Jaap Wagenvoort, a cycling enthusiast from The Netherlands. I bought a Tacx Fortius VR trainer when I decided to participate in the 2009 edition of the famous cyclosportive La Marmotte. Winter times are cold, but I was in cycling-heaven in that winter. I had never imagined that it would be possible to climb and prepare for a big climb right in your own house! Being a Dutchman, you won't be surprised that mountains are quite scarce over here. Therefore the Tacx VR trainers are simply brilliant tools to get fit and prepared for the mountains.

Besides, the best thing about the VR trainers is the fun! It is so much fun to actually enjoy a view while training. Before I bought the VR trainer I bought a 2nd hand roller set. I rode it for two or three times, not enjoying myself. The Tacx VR trainer is so much different. Riding and watching is great. The possibilities stretch a lot further though: ride against your previous best rides on a specific track, ride against other people's rides or even ride or race live against people from all over the world in multiplayer!

After buying a GoPro HD (1080p) camera I decided to take it a step further. Combined with a Garmin Edge 705 cycling computer equipped with a barometric altimeter I had the required tools to create my own training videos! So I started driving and recording, trying to ignore the looks people gave me wondering what the h*ll I am doing with a camera mounted on the roof of my car. Using the brilliant RLV Studio software written by Hannes Schnellnast I have created a few rides and I am planning to release a new ride once in a while.

What drives me is to make great videos with super accurate grade profiles which reflect my passion for cycling. Check out the Training Videos section and pick a ride if you like what you see. My prices are low, the goal is to share my passion with you and have fun together!

If you have any question, feel free to contact me whenever you want.

Happy riding! Jaap
Jaap Wagenvoort, 2010-2017