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Super-high resistance problems
If you experience super-high resistance problems with my Real Life Videos in TTS3 or TTS4, please read this article.

After getting reports from you I analysed the problem and with help from my friend Skippi the problem was solved. This means that you can fully enjoy my Real Life Videos again in TTS3 and TTS4 (all versions). There is no need at all to create new routes as a workaround.

If you experience the super-high resistance, please contact me. Let me know which RLV it concerns. You will then receive an updated .TTS file. All you need to do is simply to overwrite the existing TTS file and your problem is solved!

You can now enjoy my Real Life Videos in its full glory again. I am really happy to have tackled this problem. Couldn't have done it without Skippi, thanks mate!

Happy riding!

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