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Tacx VR Trainers
My Training Videos are 100% compatible with all Tacx Virtual Reality trainers: Flow (with VR upgrade), Bushido, Fortius, Genius, Vortex, Neo, Flux. With these trainers, you will experience my videos to their best with fully automatic resistance changes. Basically, if you have Tacx Trainer Software (any version), you are good to go!

Tacx software compatibility
My videos are compatible with all Tacx Software packages (the old Fortius Software and Tacx Trainer Software TTS1 to the latest TTS4). The video resolution is identical to the resolution that is used for the official Tacx RLV's. Since the release of TTS4 in February 2012 the standard resolution is 1920*992 pixels.

The installation of the video is explained in the installation manual which you receive when you buy a video. See the Installation help page for more installation tips.

Tacx Video Player compatibility
Tacx released a Tacx Video Player with which you can use RLVs even if you don't have a VR trainer. However, unlike the VR trainers you will not have the automated resistance changes.

My videos are compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 10. I haven't tested compatibility with Mac computers, but Windows (Bootcamp) should work fine.

Daum Ergotrainer support
My videos are also compatible & tested (thanks Stephan!) with the Daum Ergotrainers as these support .RLV files as well. Contact me if you need the required files.

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