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Strava support
Many people have asked for it: how can I put a training with one of the Wagenvoort Training Video complete with GPS track on Strava? Up to now this was not possible. All you could do was to export to Strava from TTS4, but this was without GPS track.

Now there is a solution. Follow these steps and you can export your training ride to Strava including the GPS track:
  1. Download and install Tcx Creator
  2. Enable 'Tacx device' under Settings and make 'Cycling' your defauly activity
  3. After you complete your training, export your result to a .HRM file using import/export in TTS4
  4. Put the .HRM file in the same folder as the .GPX file of the ride. Make sure both have the same name (i.e. TV12-Groene Hart.hrm & TV12-Groene Hart.gpx)
  5. Start Tcx Creator and drag both files in one go into Tcx Creator
  6. Go to the export folder of Tcx Creator and upload the generated .TCX file to Strava (or another site of choice)
The result: your training result plotted on the GPS track. It looks exactly how Tacx exports to Strava look and just like you would've done outside. Extra bonus of this is that you automatically have your results plotted on the segment leaderboards.

Interested in how it looks? Check out this virtual ride on TV12-Groene Hart on Strava complete with GPS track and segment leaderboard. And add yourself!

Good luck! Need more help? Contact me!
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